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OTHER WayS to Help


  1. Organize a Kids Club Food Drive. We have a list of food (click here) that we always need for our Kids Club bags. 

  2. Decorate Brown Bags for Kids Club. Kids and parents smile when they see a Kids Club bag decorated with a happy face, a rainbow or an inspirational message. Stickers are fun to add, too! We'll provide the brown bags if you (or your children, school or community group) want to do the decorating. Email us if you want to pick up some brown bags from us for this great activity. 

  3. Deliver Groceries. You can sign up with the Newton Neighbors Helping Neighbors group found on Facebook, to bring groceries to families who cannot get to us when we are open.

  4. Become a Social Media Maven. Follow, like and share us on Facebook and Instagram.

  5. Shop Online. Donate diapers by visiting our Amazon Wish List. 

  6. Organize a Fundraiser. You can start a Facebook Fundraiser for your birthday or just because you want to let your friends know about our good work. You might inspire your your neighborhood, place of worship, book group or sports team to participate. 

  7. Donate Empty Brown Grocery Bags. We need empty, doubled, brown grocery bags with handles of a certain size. Details here. 

  8. Join our Ride for Food team. This October bike ride fundraiser is a fun and worthwhile event that raised $40,000 for us in 2022! There are also creative remote options for you to participate that include volleyball, yoga, running, hiking to mountaintops or any other activities that will motivate people to sponsor you or your group. Email us so we can provide you with info on the 2023 event.

  9. Read our Monthly Newsletter. Sign up for our “Fresh From the Pantry” newsletter so can learn more about us and new opportunities for you to help.

  10. Donate. We spend thousands of dollars every month to be sure our clients receive fresh produce and your donations make this possible! You can send us a check or donate online via Paypal.

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