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As we start the New Year, thousands of families nearby are feeling uncertain and anxious about what they can put on their tables. Your gift will help fill fridges & cupboards, nourish local families, and spark joy for our neighbors this Holiday Season and beyond. 


For over 12 years, Centre Street Food Pantry has provided local families in need with healthy & nutritious food. Every week, hundreds of families rely on Centre Street for fresh produce, bread, dairy, meat, kid-friendly foods and pantry staples.


As soon as we receive your donation, we immediately transform those funds into fresh and healthy food for local families in need. Please make a secure Paypal donation today.


Provides 5 days of food for a senior citizen


Purchases 75 boxes of cereal or granola bars for kids


Purchases toothpaste and soap for 25 families


Gives 50 families a bag of fresh dairy and frozen proteins.


Purchases whole grain sliced bread for 50 families


Fills 100 bags full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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