Together We Give

Across Newton and surrounding towns, our neighbors are struggling to put food on the table. As COVID persists, the need for food-assistance at our pantry continues to be staggering! Last year with your help, we were able to:

  • Serve 1,700 unique households across 9,500 pantry visits

  • Support a 3X increase in families served

  • Purchase & distribute 550,000 pounds of food & supplies

  • Support a 315% increase in food assistance for children

We can end hunger together. But we need help from generous donors like you. Let’s work together to ensure that our neighbors won’t go hungry in this great time of need!


Provides a week of food for a senior citizen


Purchases 50 boxes of cereal for kids


Provides toothpaste and soap for 25 families


Fills 50 bags with fresh, frozen and shelf stable food


Purchases 80 loaves of bread for families


Purchases 350 pounds of fresh produce for families