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What personal information do I need to provide?

Besides your name, we would like to know how to reach you via email and phone. A cell phone number would be useful. We do ask you to provide your age. If you don't feel comfortable giving an exact number, you can give us general info like "Over 70" "20s" etc.

What do the desired assignments mean?

Here is a quick description of tasks that help the pantry run:

[To be filled in]

Providing groceries to clients

Packing grocer bags

Re-stocking during pantry servie

Pantry set up on service days

Greet and check clients into database

Make phone calls to clients

Offer translation services


Cardboard box breakdown and recycling

Organizing inventory

Unload food from food bank

Pick up food from stores/vendors

Pick up food from food drives

Sort food from food drives

Remote projects

What is Volunteer Group or Family?

Some people volunteer together with an organization, a family, a school or workplace. This helps us group them together.

What are Volunteer Notes?

This box is for any additional info you would like to give us about yourself, including skills you think might be useful for us, or other languages for example.

Do you need to know anything else or how can I change what I filled in?

When you are approved as a volunteer, you will get a link to a personal information page on which you can update your info, or answer out some additional questions.

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