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Summer Stock-Up Fundraiser2 (002).png

$20 Fills A Bag with Food for Children

The summer of 2021 will be difficult for many families.

30 million children in the US rely on free or reduced-price meals at schools.

Half of these children are food insecure at home.

As kids embark into summer, parents are becoming increasingly anxious - how will they feed their children? At Centre Street Food Pantry, we provide families with a "Kids Club" bag, packed with foods & snacks that kiddos love. These bags become exponentially important during the summer. While school lunches are available for pickup, many parents aren't able to get them due to work schedules, their need to be at home to care for others or  a lack of transportation. 


We need your support to make sure kids aren't hungry at home this summer.


Please consider donating to our fundraiser and helping us stock-up on kid-friendly foods. Any amount makes a big difference.  Thank You! 

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