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The Centre Street Food Pantry’s mission is to provide consistent access to nutritious food with kindness and dignity.

We strive to foster a sensitive, inclusive and welcoming environment for our clients, volunteers and supporters. 


We stand in solidarity with those who demand justice for all the Black lives lost to violence and systemic racism. We support efforts to bring equality and justice to our society, our businesses, institutions and community organizations. We know this change won’t happen quickly, but we pledge to listen, learn and proactively engage to address these systemic inequities. 


The Centre Street Food Pantry is committed to actively addressing diversity, equity and inclusion with the following actions:

 Initiating outreach efforts to connect with and gain feedback from people who represent all the communities that we serve.

Developing a recruitment strategy to include more people of color on our board, staff and among our volunteers.

Exploring how to best use our resources to alleviate food insecurity for the most vulnerable in our communities

in ways that embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. 


We welcome your support, actions and voices as we begin our ongoing process to foster equality in our community

and throughout our nation.

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