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Packed Bag list

  1. Shelf stable milk (1 quart or a six pack of small milk, white or chocolate)

  2. Breakfast cereal or oatmeal (10-18 oz., kid friendly)

  3. Peanut Butter (16-18 oz. size)

  4. Jam or Jelly (16-20 oz. size, plastic bottle preferred)

  5. Cereal or granola bars (6-8 per box or 6 individual bars)

  6. Mac n' Cheese (two boxes or microwaveable)

  7. Fruit cups (any fruit - 4, 6 or 8 pack)

  8. Snack item (raisins, fruit mix, trail mix, goldfish or crackers, 6-16 oz.)

  9. White or chunk light tuna in water (5-6 oz., 2 cans)

  10. Tomato or chicken variety soup, 2 cans of either or 1 of each

Please follow this list -- no jumbo sizes. Any brands are fine.


If you have questions, please email our Kids Club Coordinator, Cathy Boskey.


Packed bags may be dropped off at the Centre Street Food Pantry on these days and times:

9 AM – 11 AM

First Saturday of the Month

2nd, 3rd or 4th Monday of the Month

Other times must be scheduled via email to our Operations Coordinator, Chris Ruggeri.

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