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Group Volunteering


We appreciate schools, businesses, civic and faith-based organizations that want to support our mission.

Here are our guidelines for those who want to volunteer as a small group. 

Work Group Activities

1) Conduct a Food Drive at a Local Supermarket

We'll schedule a mutually convenient day/time at a local supermarket and provide boxes and information about Centre Street Food Pantry. You and your group will select the "theme" for your food drive, make signs and be present at the market to encourage shoppers to donate food. As you collect the food, you sort it by type and put it into boxes. When you're done, you will bring the food over to our pantry.

2) Conduct a Food Drive at your Location

You pick the theme and foods to collect as noted on the DONATE page of our web site. Then, you bring it all to date check, sort and box it up (and maybe stock some too!) at our pantry.

3) Complete a Special Project

Every holiday we try to do something special for our shoppers and usually this involves packing small bags with candy, personal care items or one of our Winter Warmer items. 

Every now and then our pantry needs re-arranging or sprucing up. We bring together groups to paint walls, move shelving, clean out refrigerators and overall give our pantry and hallway a welcoming look.

4) Conduct a Bake Sale Fundraiser or Host a Social to Benefit CSFP

If you would like to build community within your community to raise money for CSFP, you can run a bake sale at a local event or host a social at your organization or business.

Scheduling Work Groups at CSFP

  • We schedule work groups on the first Saturday of the month from 2:30 until 4PM or at another mutually convenient time on Saturday or weekdays (except Tuesday).

  • Please propose two dates at least 2 months in advance.

  • Email "" and provide your name, the name of your organization and your contact information along with the proposed dates and the type of work group activity you are interested in.


Age Minimum and Maximum Numbers of Participants

  • All participants of workday groups must be at least 13 years old unless accompanied by a a parent or teacher. Work group activities are not usually suitable for children under 8 years old.

  • The ideal group size is 6 people plus a leader for a total of 7.

  • The minimum size for a work group is 3 people plus a leader for a total of 7.

  • We cannot accommodate work groups larger than 10 people in total.

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