People who generously give their time, effort and skills to our mission make a difference in the lives of hundreds of families every week.  Together we put food in their cupboards and on their tables.


We have been fortunate to have over 600 people register to volunteer since the beginning of the pandemic.  We have many regular volunteers but will be opening up general registration at the end of the summer.


If you are interested in volunteering, look below to read where we need help right now!

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WE are seeking volunteers
for these WEEKLY positions 

We need strong volunteers who don't mind a couple of hours of hard work! Several times a month we receive 6000+ pounds of food from the Greater Boston Food Bank.  With many hands, it's easier than it sounds but we need many more hands! The monthly delivery schedule is:

  • 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Monday@8:30AM

  • 1st, 4th and 5th Thursday @Noon

  • 3rd Friday@10 AM

If you have avaiilability to help us with this important job or have another skill you wish to offer, please email our Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Tardiff.

WE NEED volunteers

We need volunteers who can translate Haitian Creole in written form and who are willing to be present at pantry services to help our shoppers.


We are also seeking enthusiastic rainmakers to join our Fall fundraiser committee and social media mavens to help us spread the word about the work being done by our wonderful volunteers and partners!

If you represent an organization that would like to work as a group on a project, please let us know your availability and group size. Groups are needed when the pantry is closed to organize and clean. We also welcome group involvement to help with food drives.

Please email our Special Projects Volunteer Coordinator, Becky Snow, if you are interested in or want to learn more about these volunteer opportunities.

WhO CAN Volunteer

Our volunteers are typically between the ages of 17 and 70 years old although we welcome those younger and older.


Young adults between the ages of 11 and 16 years old may volunteer with an accompanying adult (parent or other relative, guardian or group leader). 

High school students not enrolled in a year end internship should plan to volunteer a minimum of four hours (2 shifts) per month.

All volunteers should have availability on Tuesday, the first and third Saturday of the month, or, be able to join the Greater Boston Food Bank delivery team schedule.


All volunteers should be comfortable working outdoors and be able to walk and/or lift 15-30 pound boxes or bags. Due to our model of outdoor distribution, many of our volunteer jobs require work outdoors regardless of the weather.  Because our collective "job" is to give people food, volunteer jobs involve lifting and moving lots of food.  We will provide snacks and encouragement!


We have a variety of jobs available on our pantry service days, weekly on Tuesday and the first Saturday of the month. These include:

  • Outdoor set up of tents

  • Bringing cases of food out of the walk-in refrigerator

  • Pushing shelves with grocery bags outside

  • Packing cold orders on demand

  • Pre-packing produce or grocery bags

  • Expediting cold orders to clients (great for people who can Keep Calm and Walk Quickly!)

  • Bringing bags to clients curbside and replenishing our inventory outdoors

  • Breaking down cardboard boxes and flattening them for our recycle container (For Marvel Superhero fans, you can channel your inner Hulk!)

  • General clean up - sweeping, removing trash and putting everything away at the end of the day

Guidelines for VolunteerS

We ask that all CSFP volunteers demonstrate our core values of mutual respect and kindness. It helps if you can add a little patience and good humor, too! 

Click the envelope              to read our Guidelines so you are prepared to volunteer with us.

We are working on an orientation for volunteers which will allow you meet us and learn more about how our pantry operates. 

In the meantime, be assured that there will always be a staff and/or board member present during your volunteer shift to answer your questions and give you guidance.