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Together We Give

Our neighbors are finding it difficult to have enough food.  We have seen an incredible increase in the number of people coming to our doors. Here's a snapshot: 

  • We now serve approximately1,000 families every month - 20% more than last year - and we still offer all of them full bags of dry groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, cold and frozen foods, personal care products and household necessities.

  • We give additional food for breakfast and lunch to over1,000 children every month as part of our Kids Club program.

  • Our Kids Club program distributed extra fresh yogurt, cheese, milk and fruit to approximately 3,000 children this summer.


We spent a lot more money this year due to shortages from the Greater Boston Food Bank and rising prices on all foods. We don't want to send anyone home without milk, bread or frankly, any less than we always have. When we have a shortage, we buy what is missing. Those in need of food need us to be there consisently for them, and this is why we need you to be there consistently for us.

Will you join us? We rely on your compassion and desire to improve life for those living nearby. We hope you will contribute because together, we will make sure that our neighbors won't have to worry about having enough food in this year of heightened need!


Provides 5 days of food for a senior citizen


Purchases 75 boxes of cereal or granola bars for kids


Purchases toothpaste and soap for 25 families


Gives 50 families a bag of fresh dairy and frozen proteins.


Purchases whole grain sliced bread for 50 families


Fills 100 bags full of fresh fruit and vegetables.

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