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Tel: 617.340.9554



11 Homer Street

Newton, MA 02459


Centre Street Food Pantry receives no funding from the City of Newton.  We depend on the generosity of our community to help us provide groceries for people who need them. There are families in our midst who open empty refrigerators. We meet shoppers who have no food at home or have no permanent home. Families share apartments to reduce housing costs who are trying to feed their adult parents, their children and themselves.


We spend over $5,000 per month on food from the Greater Boston Food Bank and that doesn't include what we spend on diapers for children and personal care products for adults. Your donation keeps our shelves well stocked, so please help in any way you can. 


1 out of 9 school-aged kids in Newton lives at or below the poverty level

What Can Your monetary Donation Do?


Provides a Week of food for a Senior

Provides THREE DAYS of Groceries for A family of four 

Purchases Dairy (Yogurt and Cheese) for 25 families a week

Purchases extra snacks for children WHEN they are not in school as part of our "KIDS CLUB" Program

buys 2,500 pounds of NUTRICIOUS Frozen, Fresh and SHELF STABLE food FROM the Greater Boston Food Bank


Mail your check to

Centre Street Food Pantry

11 Homer Street

Newton Centre, MA 02459

 food Donations

We are open to accept food donations from 12-2PM every Tuesday and 12-2PM on the first Saturday of the month. We will arrange a convenient time to meet you for large food donation drop offs.

Your food donations provide our shoppers with items of quality that we cannot acquire at low or no cost from the Greater Boston Food Bank. Your generosity gives our shoppers groceries that they otherwise may not be able to offer their family. These include healthy cereals, hearty soups and the personal care items that many of us take for granted. Your donation fills our shelves with choices that bring a smile to us and our shoppers!

We accept dry and canned goods. 

We do not accept:

  • Cold or frozen food

  • Expired food (please check the best by date)

  • Open items

  • Baby food or formula

  • Medicine

  • Household goods or clothing

Take a look at the type of food and personal care items you could donate listed in the next column under Food Drives


print the document below.

Printable Food

List and Information about CSFP



Interested in having a food drive to help fill our pantry? We encourage you to make it fun and suggest themes to organize and collect these much needed foods:

Rise and Shine!

  • Cereal (low sugar, please)

  • Oatmeal (Regular and instant)

  • Instant or Ground Coffee

  • Tea (Green or black varieties)

  • Jam/Jelly

  • Dried Fruit

Snack Time

  • Applesauce (jars or 6 pack)

  • Fruit (6 pack individual)

  • Granola Bars

  • Single Serve Microwavable Food

  • White Tuna in Water

  • Trail Mix

Hot and Hearty

  • Soups (chowders, chunky)

  • Stews or Chili

  • Baked Beans

  • Pasta Sauce

  • Rice Pilaf Blends and/or Kasha

  • Complete Meal Mixes (Taco, Asian Noodles, Hamburger Helper, etc.)


Personal Care

  • Toothpaste

  • Bar or Liquid Soap

  • Shaving Cream

  • Deodorant

  • Diapers (Sizes 3 and up)

  • Baby Wipes

Please contact us by email: when you are ready to begin your food drive and tell us the name of your organization and the dates you will be collecting food. Then we'll arrange a convenient time for you to drop it all off at our pantry!


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Please donate to Centre Street so we can fill the cupboards of those in need with food and the kindness of your generosity.