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Dial '211'

if you have an emergency need for food

or other assistance. 

Get Groceries

The Centre Street Food Pantry stocks fresh produce, lean meat and fish, dairy, eggs and shelf stable food as well as paper products, cleaning and personal care items.


When you shop you will be able to make choices in quantities according to how many people are living in your household.


Residents of Newton and our surrounding neighbors in Brighton, Brookline, Needham, Watertown, Waltham, West Roxbury and Wellesley are welcome to shop once per month. 


Due to the Massachusetts State of Emergency to help stop the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we will no longer allow shopping in our market because our waiting and shopping areas are often crowded. We will now instead offer pre-packed bags of produce, frozen food, dairy and dry goods to anyone in need of food who lives in one of the communities we serve. This packed bag pickup program will begin Tuesday March 17th and continue for the rest of March. New and registered shoppers may pick up bags of groceries between 2:30 and 6:30PM. We hope everyone remains healthy and hopeful!


Once you have registered and have a membership card you may shop once a month. Please bring your own re-usable grocery bags, if possible.

If you are not registered with us, please come in when we are open and bring the information listed in "WHAT FORMS DO I NEED?" below on this page. You will be able to shop for groceries at your first visit.


We are located at 11 Homer Street in Newton Centre on the lower level of Trinity Church. Our entrance is around the corner on Furber Lane. Our sign is next to the double door.

You may wait to shop in the hallway inside which has seats for about 25 people.


There is no parking lot for our pantry. Parking is available nearby on Homer Street and Furber Lane which is a one way street. When you are done shopping, a volunteer will help you bring your groceries directly outside of our entrance. You are responsible for bringing your groceries to your car.

when can i GET GROCERIES?

The Centre Street Food Pantry is open every Tuesday from 2:30 PM to 6 PM and our new hours on the first Saturday of the month are 11:30AM until 2:00PM.


We offer a "choice" pantry with all items available in quantities according to your family size. We stock dry and canned goods and as well as personal care items, household items, feminine napkins and diapers for children. We also stock pet food due to generous donations from local stores.

Each week there is a variety of fresh produce with staples such as potatoes, onions and carrots, other seasonal vegetables and at least two fresh fruit choices.

Prior to shopping, you will given a printed "cold order" to select dairy, cheese and eggs as well as frozen protein choices.  You will hand in your order when you begin shopping. Your order will be bagged by a volunteer and given to you before you are done shopping.

What forms do I need?

1) Please fill out this referral form: Pantry Application and bring it with you on your first visit. If you do not have it with you on your first visit, you will still be able to shop as long as you have a photo ID that verifies your address.

The pantry referral form should be signed by a professional who is aware of your situation. This could be a teacher, clergy member, social worker or staff member at a social services agency, a staff member from another food pantry, a doctor or health care worker.

2) In addition to your signed pantry referral application, we require verification of your address so please bring and photo ID and one item that includes your current address. This could be your car registration, rent receipt, tax or credit card bill, heath insurance bill, a utility, cellphone or cable bill or any notice sent to you from a social services agency.

3) When you register, we will need to know the number of people in your family as well as their ages.

We keep all information confidential. Our database is one designed for Greater Boston Food Bank agencies so that we can track and manage the size of the community we serve. We do not provide any information to law enforcement, federal, state or immigration agencies.

HOW DO I KNOW IF I AM I eligible to shop?

If you are experiencing any situation that has left you in need of food, and live in one of our service communities, you may register to shop at our pantry.


If you are wondering if you earn too much to shop at a food pantry, the following table has recommended income guidelines for receiving food that comes from the USDA: 

Income eligibility guidelines

If you currently receive Food Stamps/SNAP, AFDC, TANF, WIC, Welfare, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Head Start, Fuel Assistance or Veteran’s Aid, you qualify to shop at the pantry.

Even if you are experiencing a temporary situation, such as job loss or lack of an income from another household member, or an illness that has interfered with your ability to get food, you can register to shop at our pantry.


Our food pantry is not a federal or state benefit and does not disqualify you from receiving assistance from these agencies and/or programs.


We don't have staff to regularly answer the phone but you can leave a voicemail at 617.340.9554 or email at We will try to respond within the week. If you need food when we are not open or any other services, please dial '211' or go to the website available on the menu bar above for the mass211 website.

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