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Testimonials from Shoppers



"This organization kept me afloat when I was struggling most.  I can’t thank (you) enough for keeping me on my feet.  You’re all truly amazing people."
   -James, 25 years old
 "The Centre Street Food Pantry has been most helpful to me for several months while I have been looking for suitable employment....
"Your food pantry and those who work there have been a gift to me in every way...
"Your pantry, Natalie, and your volunteers are a crucial part in helping me persevere during my employment process....and thank you to The Centre Street Food Pantry this is one worry that I do not have."

 "I love my community in Newton because there are Food Pantries with excellent quality of food and they always treat me with respect and not demeaning as some other places have in the past. When my funds are low I can always depend on The Centre Street Food Pantry to help relieve some of my financial shortcomings. This way I can focus on the other goals I have to pay it forward." - D  

"We, residents of Newton, would like to express our deepest gratitude to Natalie for the great service she provides to the clients of the Centre Street food pantry. We appreciate Natalie's personal touch and attention to all of us."
a group of 3 residents