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Food Drive Suggestions and Supporting Materials

We are grateful for your offer to conduct a food drive on our behalf.  We depend on donations to keep our shelves well-stocked.

There are a variety of ways in which you can organize a drive.  You may download this Food Drive packet which contains additional information.

Decide what you want to collect:
  1. Publish the entire list of possible items and let your donors choose
  2. Pick a category of items  (“Breakfast items” or “Toiletries”)
  3. Pick specific items  (coffee, tea, and juices or peanut butter and jelly)
  4.  “Assign” different items to different grades or departments
  5. Collect gift cards to supermarkets and drug stores to be given out at Thanksgiving and during the holidays
Determine how you will promote the food drive:
  1. Hand brown bags out to donors with a flyer attached
  2.  Keep a box on display for collection, with a poster attached
  3. Educate everyone about the issue you are addressing and its impact in your community.  If people understand the importance of food or other drives, they will be more motivated to give. We receive donations during the holidays, but are also in need of food during the rest of the year, especially during the spring and summer months.
  4. Make announcements/send emails utilizing the attached information to create awareness
  5. Provide Incentives /Organize contests.  Try to arrange friendly competition between departments or classrooms.  Offer prizes such as a pizza lunch or Sundaes for kids or an extra vacation day or free lunch for companies.
  6. Set a goal.  If this is the first drive you are holding, pick a goal that is challenging but achievable.  If you have held previous drives, consider increasing your goal this year.  Be sure to post information about the drive in a prominent location and report daily contributions toward reaching your goal.
  7.  Thank your donors.  
Decide how you will collect the items:
  1. Single-site drop off: You ask people to bring food donations to one location during set hours on a specific day. Volunteers stay at the collection site
  2. Extended food drive: You set up numerous collection points with drop boxes where people can leave food over the course of numerous weeks. Volunteers collect the donations as the boxes fill up.  
  3. Event-related food drive: Your team partners with a local event – like a sports game, music festival or county fair – and sets up collection sites at the event. Please check the expiration dates on the items you collect.  We try very hard to distribute only those items that are within their “best by” or expiration dates. When your food drive is complete, let us know and we’ll arrange a time for you to visit the pantry with your items or contact us for further assistance.